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Grow Your Organic Traffic

Increase Your Organic Traffic

Every website owner wanted to increase their website traffic. There are three kind of website traffic referral traffic which you get from other websites, second is direct traffic where readers comes to your website directly and the third is and the best traffic is organic traffic which comes from search engine

Organic Traffic

The traffic which comes from search engine is called organic traffic or search engine traffic.

Organic traffic depends on many factors like keyword research, back links, internal linking, domain age, content quality and many other things.

keyword Research

Keyword research is the step 1 to increase organic traffic.. Keyword research is the one of the most important thing you should do every time when you are going to write your blog post.

How To Find Good Keywords:-

You have to use any keyword research tool to get quality keywords for your blog post. To find good keywords for your blog post you first have to find 1 keyword that you want to rank on and it should be related to your blog post. Then try to find more 10-15 good keywords related to your main keyword but make sure choose only long tail keywords and good search traffic.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are very important tags for a web page because this tell search engine what is your blog post all about. Meta Tags such as meta title tags, meta description tag, author tag, canonical tag and many others. Search engine rankings and organic traffic depends heavily on Meta Tags.

How To Write Proper Meta Tags:-

You can write a good proper meta tags which helps your web page ranks quickly and increase your organic traffic.

Most important meta tags are Title tags which you can see in search engine results and below him there is Meta description tag which is used to describe your web page.

These two tags the most important meta tags you have to write them properly in order to increase your website traffic.

Web page Optimization

You can optimize your web page by writing good title of your web page and it should be in H1 tag, by using h2 and h2 tags for sub heading and for some important points.

Optimizing your images is must you should compress images make them in lowest possible size without compromising much in quality so it did not take much time to load and this will decrease your page load time which is by the way an important factor in increasing organic traffic.

You should have to write proper image description in image alt tag this will also helps your blog post images to rank in search engines.

Write short and simple URL’s but meaningful URL and you can include your main keyword in your URL whenever possible.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking one of the best way to increase your website traffic. It is a way to link your older and related blog post relate to your content.

How To Internal Link Your Older Blog Post:-

It’s very easy to internal link your older and related blog post to the new one. You just have to find 3-4 related blog post and link in your blog post just like ‘in-text linking’ exactly we did in this post and that’s all

Submit Your Site To Search Engines

If you have a new website or your website has 0 links from other website then you must have to submit your website to search engines. Submitting your website to search engines means just telling them that you have a website and please crawl my website and its content. This will help you to rank your website quickly in search engines. It takes couple of weeks to rank your website because there are billions of website around and it is difficult and slow process to rank website.

Many popular search engines like Google, Bing etc provides and easy form to submit your website in their directory so that they can crawl your website and its content quickly.

Submit your website to Google by using there Webmaster Tool or by using there URL submission tool.

Submit your website to Bing by using there Webmaster Tools.

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