Monday , June 24 2024

PKNIC New pricing coming in August

PKNIC is proud to be serving Pakistan by safely, securely and reliably operating the .PK Registry for more than 27 years.

As you are aware that the costs have grown within Pakistan and costs of services based on foreign exchange rates, especially dollar, have gone up considerably. Over the last three years, the US dollar has gone up more than 60%. PKNIC has continued to absorb the massive cost increases without changing prices for domains in many years. Our valued resellers are also facing extra costs of doing business while the prices for domains have not changed at all. The price per domain which was set at Rs 1000 per year in 1998 (more than 20 years ago) is no more sustainable.

As a result, we are updating our prices for domains. We at PKNIC understand the financial burden everyday price increases place on everyone so we are not increasing prices at the same rate as all the costs we all face have gone up. Instead, we are updating the prices nominally by Rs. 175 per domain per year. This will make it Rs 1175 per domain per year, up from the current Rs 1000 per domain per year.

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